Satoshi Okamoto, Glass blower
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Satoshi Okamoto

The artist

Satoshi Okamoto

Satoshi Okamoto was born in Tokyo in 1979 January the 27th. When he was a child he always dream to be a craftman.
In 2001 he makes a sucess in the Art licence at the university of Meisei in Japan.
After his meeting with Kenji ITO, a glass master, his own vision of the glass art definitively change.
He becomes the assitance of Kenji for two years.
In 2003 he comes in France at the CERFAV (European School and Research about Glass Art)
During his training period he assist the famous Lino Tagliapietra
Eventually, in 2004 he obtain his diploma of "European glass journeyman" at the CERFAV
Since May 2005 he is a teacher at the school "Fundacio Centro nacional del Vidrio" in Spain.